Internationalisation programme

This programme will enable your company to enter new markets with less risk, and for selected Hub members we will provide the necessary support and expertise. Entering a new market always presents a specific set of challenges. You will be faced with many questions: is my product ready, does it comply with all the required standards, is it competitive, is the market big enough, what about the sales and distribution, etc. Getting proper answers to these questions takes time and money, and it is challenging when setting things up alone. Through the programme, we can help small and medium-sized companies internationalize their business with less cost and risk.

  1. First things first. The programme provides market intelligence that offers you crucial information about foreign markets.
  2. Readiness assessment. We help you determine whether your company and your product/service is ready for entering another market. This reduces your risk.
  3. Business and operational support which ranges from office space to human resources. Grasping the business specifics of a foreign country can be very demanding for a small company.
  4. Building your pipeline. Quickly generate new opportunities through the Hub network.
The Hub plans to operate a number of offices in selected markets. Members within the Hub are grouped together depending on the market they are interested in. Based on their interests, offerings and capabilities, the Hub creates a plan to jointly enter specific markets, thus lowering the cost per company and reducing risks. It is important to note that there are many barriers for companies entering new markets alone, therefore SMEs rarely get the opportunity to internationalise their business.
Two things are critical in any joint endeavour or partnership. The first is trust and the second is governance. Within any group there are many distinctive preferences and each member will have its own business, as well as specific requirements. Because of this, we put great effort into defining the governance model which enables all members to get adequate support from the Hub. It is important to have total transparency and maximum visibility in everything that goes on, as it is difficult to guarantee 100% success for everyone.

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