About us

About us

CroTechHub is focused on supporting its members and the economy to grow by using technology and digital soluions. Our members are the foundation for our collaborative development and research. We act as a TECH cluster and Technology innovation hub (TIH) focusing on joint market and product development. We acomplish this by pooling our resources and expertise. CroTechHub, is providing support for development of Croatian economy using the most valuable assets we have, knowledge and expertise.

Our Approach

We think that talents are the essence of our success. We want to stay adaptive and visionary and for that, you need to use the full potential of your employees. HUB is supporting its members on that journey.
To turn creativity into an asset you need flawless execution. That is why put much emphasis on designing our solutions to customer needs, both present, and future. For demanding projects HUB supports its members with resources and expertise.
Experience is the basis of quality and that is where HUB is supporting its members most. Our members and users can be assured that they will get the best support when delivering complex solutions or developing new products/technologies.

Our services?

Product development

Developing a product is a challenging task. Our members collective experience in developing products is our greatest asset.


Expand your reach, connect to a new partner, customer or enter a new market. HUBs internationalization program can support you.


Memebers of the hub support each others in expanding their network and HUB is facilitating in creating specific events and programs.

Joint research

We support our members in the development of new technology solutions.Many innovations are driven by application of new technology solutions.


Our experts can support you in many business and technology areas, from Industry 4.0, GreenTech, Digital transformation and business development.

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