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What are we?


CroTech hub is a nationwide development centre for digital and new technologies


of IT and high-tech companies working together to boost their growth


Entrepreneurship supporting institution which helps in creating new products and solutions

What do we provide?

Business development

We support the development of your business, from product development to market entry

Research and development

We develop new tech and use science research to enhance our products and solutions

Education and finance

Supporting entrepreneurs in using technology. Find a partner or investor through us

Our purpose explained (in brief)

Why are we here?

Our story is probably the same as with all other hubs, we want to benefit from collaboration. Our ongoing objective is to pool technological resources in Croatia, be it human or company resources, infrastructure, knowledge, or expertise. This pool of resources will be big enough to support specialisation centres in Croatia. Specific technology areas are applied in selected industries and verticals, supporting the Smart specialisation strategy plan. This answers the question WHY we are here.

What can you expect from us?

What somewhat differentiates us from others DIHs is our focus on technology in general. We believe that information technologies will be an integral part of most of today’s technology solutions and an important factor in the development of new ones. For example, if you wanted to embed nanosensors in the concrete to continuously measure the stress of a building in tectonically active environments, this would be very knowledge and resource demanding. The same can be said for the digital transformation of the supply and logistics chain. The introduction of new processes and the creation of new machines, such as robots or transportation vehicles, requires extensive R&D.

Finding the finance, expertise, and infrastructure to develop and test these new solutions is challenging for small tech companies. However, it is challenging for industries to implement these solutions as well, and they can benefit from our experience and expertise. Therefore, this answers the question as to WHAT we provide. Explore the list of our services or see examples of our work so far.

Engage CroTechHub in different ways

Want to work with us.

CroTechHub cooperates with diferent types of organizations, from private companies, NGOs or public and government institutions.
We are a technology-focused team and therefore can help in different ways.
See how you can benefit from working with us based on the type of sector you are coming from.

IT and TECH companies dominantly join the hub as members. They benefit from joint collaboration on business development and product and technology development. You can find out more about our services here.

CroTechHub members have expertise in different industries. We mainly engage with enterprises through our “Transform” program. We engage with enterprises in creating a digital transformation plan while focusing on developing core solutions and products for solving specific industry’s challenges.

Hub work with different institutes on solving various technical challenges. On the other side, we try to cooperate with government bodies on developing eGovernment solutions, open data and policies that could enhance our society and economy through the usage of technology and digital solutions.


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